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Playwright Intensive Participant & Almasi Featured Artist
“My mission is to faithfully tell stories that will resonate with our day to day lives and it will focus people on addressing the flaws that exist within particular institutions and individuals. I also seek to speak for and with the marginalised and oppressed within society; all this I want to do through the exploration of the mind. My work should question norms and never strengthen stereotypes but always seek to bring a new knowledge and light. This workshop has been an eye opener; its intensive nature has been quite taxing as there is never a moment to spare. I have learnt more about dramatic writing in this past week than I have in my whole life. It clearly is demystifying dramatic writing. The experience is absolutely amazing and I’m sure by the time we are done we will be a million miles ahead from where we started.”



Playwright Intensive Participant
“My personal artistic mission statement is: To maintain a workable balance between relevance, creativity, entertainment and significant earnings. What I feel about my exchange with Nikkole: The exchange has enriched my (writing) life is so many dimensions. Not only have I learnt very important technical skills regarding writing but from our informal chats I have been very inspired and encouraged in knowing that despite being from different continents and being at very different stages of our careers, we still share similar struggles and fears as artists. It’s always good to know that you are not alone.”



Playwright Intensive Participant & Almasi Featured Artist
“I strive to tell marginalized narratives. I seek to create work that is fun, innovative, positive, timeless, universal and functional. I envision myself creating works that will be used as models for theatre in development studies. The exchange so far has given me so much practical information on how to critique my work. With these treasured tools I can definitely say “I can write plays anywhere anytime without any fear.”



Playwright Intensive Participant
“My stories are going to explore universal and human stories and cause discourse that may change humanity. My vision is to become a successful professional dramatic writer whose work will be sought after by the biggest production houses and showcased on Broadway and West End among other places. The exchange so far with Nikkole has not only been eye opening but also highly productive.”

Playwright Intensive Participant
“I want to inflict change. I want my work to be recognized globally. The exchange with Nikkole has been tremendous for the past 3 weeks. The knowledge she has impacted in us in just this short time is a milestone in how to learn to become a good writer and dramatist. I have learnt a lot in the field of drama, the elements of creating a good story. I really wish we could have this process even for a year; studying a Diploma in the field of Playwriting. I feel that she is bringing in a different take (American skills) on dramatization, which I believe we can merge with our Zimbabwean take.”


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