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Andre Holland has been in Zimbabwe for the last several weeks teaching our first Actor’s Intensive with a focus on August Wilson and Shakespeare. He has had an astounding impact on our students, with many of them making wonderful strides in technique, performance and comprehension of great texts.

We received emails from the actors too, raving about their experience in the room with him, here’s one we thought to share:

Hi Danai,
Just wanna take this time to thank you for having me on this programme… I am having the time of my life while learning sooooo much… Andre is a great teacher…
Don’t ever stop… Nyasha M.

We asked Gideon Jeph Wabvuta how the ACTORS TRAINING INTENSIVE differed from the other Almasi workshops he’s attended. Here’s what he had to say:

“The master acting intensive has been different from all other workshops I’ve done with Almasi in that the facilitator Andre Holland has a distinctively unique approach which is quite amazing. Also I had never tackled Shakespeare. That’s been nothing short of an exciting experience as Shakespeare has been demystified and made clear for all to see. The number of participants has also made it more exciting as the last time there were half the number. The more we are the more the collaboration seems possible and brilliant ideas always pop up. This partnership with Reps Theatre has also worked for the good as we don’t have to move from one venue to the next. Being located in the same place saves time and grounds you. I really welcome this stability.”


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